PALS Fundraising Campaign

PALS programs provide a place for young adults with Down syndrome and their peers to have fun, grow as individuals, and develop transformative friendships. Our community is grateful for your support in helping to ensure the growth and expansion of the PALS organization for years to come!

You can also mail a check to "PALS Programs" at 4965 Grundy Way, Doylestown, PA 18902.

Goal: $145,000
Days Left: 55
Top FundraisersView All
DSAM Call-A-Thon$17,405
Benji Bacharach$10,772
Camp PALS Philadelphia 1$3,680
Alex Meltzer$3,301
Katie Lemly$3,073
Jessica Trief$2,670
Camp PALS NYC 2018 $2,349
Sonya Li$2,000
McKayla Lefkove$1,982
Spencer And Christian $1,565
Kyle Stolarz$1,520
Michael Stock$1,435
Newbury Ross Family $1,351
Kim Seper$1,324
Alex Stafford$1,235
Xena Valenzuela$1,170
Dana Farrell$1,160
PALS Maryland $1,160
Herrington Family $1,150
Lake Nockamixon $1,080
Melissa Nicholas$1,018
Jacob Spenadel$1,000
Soeren Palumbo$1,000
Monterey Bay Adventure$970
ParvinAdventure $930
John Kellis$867
PALS Holiday$863
Camp PALS Philly 2$850
Grace Wahle$825
Great Wolf Lodge Adventure $759
Morgan Cheek$755
Kennedy Gulas$700
Lizzy Aroune$698
Hershey Park Adventure $695
Jeff Haney$675
Sabia Family $650
NYC Adventure 2017 $601
JoAnn Clark$558
Amy Bassista$550
Audrey Samuelson$550
Gillian Chambres$540
Gage Woolley$535
Melia Rao$516
Noora Sharara$500
Kate Birsa$495
Kaleigh Lingman$380
Casey Sullivan$377
Daniel Laduzinsky$375
Jax & Cass $370
Abby Vyhnanek$370
Carly Wasson$362
Maryann Nowlan$349
Jake Craley$340
Maddie Mitchell$339
Jason Toff$316
Rosemary Corcoran$275
Ryan Ngo$250
Nic Allen$250
John Kelly$245
Ryan Cullinan$239
Morgan McGhee$227
Walcamp Adventure $210
Emily Gerstmyer$205
Sarah Miller$200
Abby Resio$200
Christian Liskowitz$200
Brittany Kruchinsky$195
Cade Sanders$180
Mariah Katz$170
Steven Cartwright$150
Camp PALS Georgetown $150
Lauren Horan$150
Max Schulz$140
Kayla Davis$140
Julianne Butynskyi$125
Sofie Palumbo$125
Madeline Wilson$120
Maddie DeMarco$100
Meredith Vieira$100
Conor Hawes$100
Anna Morgan$60
Lily Snider$53
Tom Cain$50
Hannah Keating$50
LeAnn Schneider$40
K.B. Bonda$40
Devon Bruestle$30
Phi Kappa Sigma $25
Sean Connolly$20
Leah Seielstad$15
Steven Ross$1
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CAMPAIGN STATSNumber of fundraisers: 114        Visitors: 488,098